Inside Michelle’s Brain, episode 6

So I see this tweet, and I think: wouldn’t it simplify things if we could just die tomorrow? Then we wouldn’t need to worry about studying at all. Or planning.



That is true. I’d be much less concerned about what time kickoff is for the Wazzu game, for instance, if I was dead.

Simple. Yep.


Asleep or awake, it’s hard to tell until it’s obvious


The dream police, they live inside of my head
The dream police, they come to me in my bed
The dream police, they’re coming to arrest me, oh, no

–Cheap Trick/The Dream Police


Not to belabor the point, but I’ve been a little ill lately. This sometimes leads me to believe that I’m not sleeping, but now I’m not so sure.

I woke up coughing in the middle of the night. That’s nothing unusual. I wake up the whole neighborhood coughing when I’m sick. No, I’m really not exaggerating.

When I woke up coughing. I was very upset because I was disrupting rehearsals for my family’s recording session. We were in the middle of recording our new record, and I’d fallen asleep. They let me sleep because I was sick, but then I started coughing and woke up. I could tell I was awake, because I was coughing and everyone was looking at me. I was also quite embarrassed about having  ruined the recording session.

We were recording our soon to bit hit tune, “ABC”.

We were the Jackson 5.

I was little  Michael right up until the time I got off the chair in the studio and got a drink of water. Something about the face looking back at me in the mirror coughing didn’t seem quite right.


And I woke up again.

As myself.

In my own bed.

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.

ABC, easy as…quantum physics and dream logic.


Maybe I should have some more codeine.



You are only coming through in waves..

So, I have a cold. I’m totally fine, I think. I’ll just chill and watch a movie or something. Relax.

So, I grab the remote and start to scan through the channels and see a show called “When Panties Clash” and stop.

Wait, what?!?

It was really “When Planes Crash.”

I may be a little sicker than I thought. Or maybe I should take some cold medicine?

I’m glad there’s not a show about mis-matched undies though.

How am I going to find something stupid enough to watch???