Do you get me?

And I wanna be addicted
I wanna be secure
I wanna wake up after the night before
But do you get me?
Do you ever get me?
–Everything But The Girl/Get Me


Do you get me?

It’s a play on words. Do you understand someone, or do you have them in some way?

You can understand someone on a lot of different levels–sexually, emotionally, intellectually. You can have someone in different ways. You can get them into bed, have them as a friend, or get them to fall in love with you and have them as everything.

Does one follow the other?

Can you really ever have someone who you do not fully understand, or are you just loving an invention?

I suppose it could be different for everyone, but I suspect that most of us want to be with someone who understands us. Not that they have to be just like us, but most of us seem to crave understanding.

I do, anyway.

In order to get me, you would definitely have to get me.