Christmas mermen and another new year

Last year I was reflecting on what I want in a partner. One of the things that was important to me was someone who really gets me and makes me laugh. For Christmas, Vashon demonstrated his profound understanding of my deepest desires and yearnings by giving me this:


Yes. It is a completely heterosexual merman with a sequined tail, flannel shirt and large cup of coffee. A Seattle merman. To hang on a Christmas tree. Of course. 

Then he watched me search for  the (delightfully tacky) website of the manufacturer and place other similar mermen on my Amazon wish list. My amusement, enthusiasm and delight made him happy. The gift of a very kitschy merman to go on my very kitschy Christmas tree made ME happy. 

He pretended that I wasn’t insane when I wondered about such important questions as “Why does a merman need a belt? Will his sequined tail fall down and expose his mer-junk without it? Is it just another opportunity to add bling? Is it really all about the bling?”

(It is possible that I may have been overthinking a bit)

(Yes, in spite of my best intentions I do still have a penchant for overthinking and using words like penchant)

Then I returned the favor by showing him and the circle of amazement was complete. Amazement might not be quite the right word.  Bemusement? Dismay?

So. This is it, right? The time of year to summarize the past year and make a statement of my desires for the one to come? I did it last year so shouldn’t there be something again today of all days? And what do mermen have to do with any of it? 

Quite a lot, actually. 

If last year was a transitional year, and it was, then so was this year. Every year is. Things always change. People moved away who I will miss seeing. People came into my life very unexpectedly and I am embracing our differences and challenges. I have been continuing my journey toward a more emotionally open and accepting life. It has been easier to be more emotionally balanced, but I am still struggling with the physical aspects of a balanced life. In May I had an issue with literal balance on my bicycle. Bicycling may not be for me. 

Work in progress, always. 

What have I learned?

I learned that if I keep my mind and heart open, amazing people come into my life. 

I learned that it takes about 5 hours to get from NW Portland to the North end of Vashon Island at rush hour on a Friday afternoon. 

I learned that a slow pace is a very good pace. 

I continued to learn that a lot of people love me flaws and all, and I love them right back. 
As I finish writing this, about to arrive at the Tahlequah ferry dock, sun streaming in through my back window, I’m grateful for the life I have. The good stuff and the bad. 

I wouldn’t change a thing. 
Happy New Year, everyone!