Sweet dreams are not made of this…

The other night I dreamt that I was at a party with my friend Andi at her late friend Kathy’s house.

Kathy was living in an enormous, gorgeous tree house. Although there was a loud party going on and the tree house was full of people, she kept telling us that we couldn’t tell anyone where she lived because Russian terrorists were after her.

The huge, brightly lit palace in the sky seemed like a very odd choice for someone trying to hide. You could probably see it from Mars.

Even more strangely, the treehouse was in a tree on the edge of a small forest set in a post apocalyptic urban setting full of burned out buildings.  Lots of burning tires, and grime. It was just across the street from the Russian terrorist’s lair, a seedy auto shop. You could tell it was their hangout because of all of the Russians loitering around in front of it talking smack in Russian.

Back at the party, Andi gave me two enormous inflatable dog beds and asked me to blow them both up. The longer I tried to blow them up, the larger they seemed to get. I kept getting dizzy, and would sit down thinking they were finally done, but then the edges would unfurl just..a little…more.

Andi was getting a little annoyed that it was taking so long. She kept telling me they would be serving dinner as soon as I finished blowing up the damn dog beds. All of the other guests were giving me a hard time.

Finally, I handed one of them to someone who was making fun of me. “You try it, smart ass.”  Of course, it took him about 5 minutes.

Andi shook her head at me, and said it was just one little favor. She just wanted the Adorkables to have a place to lay down during the party. Surely I could do just that one little thing.

But I couldn’t.
Andi better not bring inflatable dog beds to Cap’n Crunch Brunch. If she does, she can blow them up herself!