Being the man and woman of the house


It is a little known fact about me that I am usually  good at fixing things. It is also a relatively little known fact that I hate fixing things.

So in most of my relationships, for various reasons, I have had to do a lot of the traditionally man of the house work.  Putting together furniture.  Replacing electrical outlets and light fixtures. Hanging pictures. Interacting with plumbers. Patching drywall.  It wouldn’t be an issue except that I also work full time and do a lot of the traditionally female work around the house as well.

Sometimes it would be really nice to be able to drop some of that work into other hands.

I’ve got people to do the yard work, which I will never give up. I love having yard peeps. I wish there was a household maintenance service I could hire on a monthly basis  to do all those little annoying things around the house that stack up like the lawn service does for the yard. Fixing the tile by the back door. Replacing the light bulbs over the sink and in the garage. Re-caulking the tub. Replacing the outlet in the bathroom that isn’t working. Cleaning the gutters. They could come every month on a certain day, go through the house and do whatever little thing needs handy-manning at the time. Like a yard service, but for the house.

It would be heaven. Someone should really consider that business model. I would definitely want to be a customer.


If you steal the idea, just give me credit and a lifetime subscription.