Periodic review of life’s blessings

There’s been so much personal turmoil and work drama in my life in the last several months that I have been full of all sorts of strange, turbulent feelings. Fear and anxiety were taking the lead in a way that is strange for me. I’m always optimistic about life in my own odd, pessimistic way.  After a week in which meeting someone special has reminded me there are a lot of great things waiting for me, I know I have been remiss in gratitude.  A trip to Eugene did a lot to remedy that.

The thing about going to Eugene is that in a lot of ways it’s not like real life. It’s a respite from reality because I only have to be around people I love. I see my friends and family. We enjoy good food, tasty beverages, and conversation about all sorts of things. There’s always a lot of laughter. It is bad for my waistline, but good for my heart and soul.

It reminds me just how lucky I am, and how much love is always around me.

This morning, I headed home with a very full and grateful heart knowing there are good things coming.

I sang all the way.

PS and there was some football, and the sun was out, and I was happy.