A brief, unblog-like update

On Monday 6/4, I had my surgery. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy, for anyone in a Googling mood. Robot assisted. Five stab wounds to the abdomen. The surgeon removed about 85% of my stomach through the largest stab wound, which is turning a lovely shade of mustard yellow at this point. I’m feeling much better than I expected to so soon after surgery. The largest incision site is still a little sore, but other than that I’m doing great. Getting plenty of fluids and protein, and walking. That’s pretty much my entire assignment for the two weeks after surgery. Drink a lot of water and protein shakes, and go for short walks. Rest. Nothing too stressful.

I’m reading and watching old movies and cooking shows while I sip water. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be up to making some prints. Or maybe I’ll do a little knitting. I ran the Roomba today. Scrambled some eggs for 13 last night, but didn’t want to stand up long enough to cook bacon. This morning I tried to go for a walk in the park, but rain cut the walk off at 14 minutes. Tonight we may go out to watch part of the Timber’s game. Or not, if I am too tired.

It’s a little weird not having to cook for myself or do anything around the house.

That’s what’s up in my world right now.

Thanks to Ma and Larry for coming up and making sure I was OK, and thanks to 13 for continuing to take care of me.

Things are good, and I’m happy.