This is not a trick

Judy in Disguise, well what you aiming for
A-circus of a-horrors, yeah yeah, well that’s what you are
You make me a life of ashes

–John Fred and His Playboy Band/Judy In Disguise


I have always liked Halloween. I love the dressing up.  I don’t do drag very often, but it’s not because I don’t love it. I’ve noticed, though, that I tend to essentially do the same thing when I do dress up: big hair,big eyes and a pale face.


Clearly, my dream is to have big messy hair and a lot of eyeliner. I want to be a pop star. In the 80’s.


Here I am, circa 1999.

Me at Halloween
Me at Halloween


And again this year:


I still have the fox collar.  I could have worn it again.


It’s pretty much the same schtick, but I’m a dozen or so years older. Sigh. Older. So what does this say about me? For one thing, it’s says that I really love black eye makeup. Which I totally do.

I also love big hair. I don’t wear big hair on a regular basis. My hair is normally small and insignificant.  I suppose if you’re going to be larger than life, Halloween is the time to do it.


But maybe I should try to be larger than life every day…

I dunno.

I suppose it’s not so bad to be Real Life Me.


Even with small hair and no black eyeliner.


Life without a disguise? Now that’s certainly a thought…