It is one of those dreams that is like watching a movie. I don’t know any of the people in the dream, and I am not in it myself except as a sort of above-it-all observer. The feelings in the dream are not mine, but I am aware of what everyone in the dream is feeling.

In the dream, there is a white two story house which appears to be in the country. There are several people living there. It is not clear
how they are related. There are two or three adults, and about the same number of children. The people are oddly non-descript. I wouldn’t be able to describe any of them. The adults are relatively young, perhaps in their thirties. There is an ominous feeling. Something feels wrong about the house although it is not clear why.

Eventually we see the bodies.

There are two bodies suspended in the air in front of the house. They are linked together somehow. One of the bodies is holding the severed head of the other by the hair. We see the bodies throughout the dream. It’s never really clear what they are hanging from, or how they are suspended. They move less that they should if they are suspended from something like a rope. They are not decomposed, but there is something “off” about them that goes beyond their mere existence as corpses hanging in the air.

What becomes increasingly disturbing is that no one seems to realize that the bodies are there. Later it starts to seem that people are drawn to the bodies even though they are not aware of their presence. The children play beneath them. The adults linger in the area, a little dazed, or sit at a picnic table near them.

When they are away from the bodies, in the house, they seem to all realize that something is wrong. Being around the bodies makes that feeling diminish.

The bodies are seemingly not changing. There are no insects or smells to signify that they are there.

At some point, the dream shifts to another house. There are police vehicles parked in front of it. They are discussing the body hanging from the second story window. A middle aged man is hanging by the neck from what looks like a rope made of white sheets twisted and knotted. He is wearing a woman’s gown, shoes, and jewelry, and garish makeup. Almost clown makeup, although it may only appear that way because his lipstick is smeared across his face. There are also red smears on the sheets. It may be that the rope hit his face as he threw himself or was thrown off the roof.

The police appear to believe it was a suicide.

The feeling in the dream is that is was caused by whatever is happening at the other house.

At the other house, the feeling of wrongness has intensified. The adults are wandering aimlessly. The children are terrified. The bodies no longer seem to be tranquilizing the inhabitants of the house as effectively, especially the children.

The children are trying to get the adults to leave, but the adults don’t seem to understand how scared the children are.

Then I wake up.

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