Good days

Today did not begin in a way that seemed to indicate that it might be a good day. I was running late, and couldn’t find a travel mug for my coffee and had to put it in a sippy cup. A Lightning McQueen sippy cup, to be precise. It is hard to drink from a sippy cup. As I was walking out the back door into the garage, somehow I forgot that I am not able to pass through solid surfaces, and tried to walk out the back door without actually opening it. Yep. Walked right smack into the door. Didn’t even try to turn the knob.

At least my coffee didn’t spill, because it was in a sippy cup.

So getting into the car, I thought “this is going to be an interesting day.”

And it turned out to be just that. But in a great way.

Every morning, the tone for the day starts to be set pretty much at random by whatever songs pop up on my iPod on the way to work. All of the songs were good. All of the songs had positive associations.

And then I got to work. The wheels really wanted to fall off. They tried to all day, but for some reason my laugh was stronger than the bad work juju. We had one of the worst days ever, but for some reason it just slid off. My good mood was unshakeable.

Isn’t it great when that happens?

People were rude to me on the phone, and I turned their moods around. People called with unresolvable issues and I said “that’s easy, you just need to..” and people were amazed.

It was very busy all day, but things seemed to have a flow.

I went home in an even better mood than I was in at the start of the day. And then Chelle scooped me up for Shayla’s birthday. Again with the great people. Her family. Friends of her kids.

I talked to a friend of Tyson’s who is a baker. She was so in love with what she does that it was fantastic to hear her talk about it. Plus, her name is Xena and she is super cute. She was talking to me about this great book she read that talked about how you can become an expert at anything in 10,000 hours (“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell) and then I told her about the DanPlan and how someone I know is putting the theory to the test with golf.

Great conversation. Great food. Great people. Great weather.

Great life.

Summer. Isn’t it great?