Saturday I’m in love, too

“I need to take a nap, but I don’t want to go to sleep.”

“Why not?”

“We’re having too much fun.”
–The Doctor

Fridays are awesome
Saturdays are awesome
I’ll just bet Sunday will be…awesome

Football Saturday. Early, early game. Late, late night beforehand.

The party gang was in rare form. Drinks until 0130, up at 0600. Bloody Marys and doctored coffee, then tailgating. They napped after tailgating and then we hit our neighborhood hangout for dinner and more drinks. I have officially surrendered at this point, but if those fuckers rally, they will go and get more beer.

None of the topics of conversation are even remotely appropriate for human ears. Vaginal cobwebs? Kyle’s cute little brown ears?

Somehow after the 2 long days of partying, whenever I look in the mirror instead of seeing my usual self there is a character straight out of “Barfly” looking at me. I need a vacation from weekends.

But we have so much fun!

Monday. Well, Monday will be good. I will miss people I won’t see for a while.
I suspect I won’t have to miss them for very long.

We girls have something to look forward to next weekend. It involves wine tasting. My liver is going to go on strike soon.

I am looking forward to the bye week.