It was a very fun night with Tyler, Alex and Paddy.

We started out with a few beverages at the Paymaster. Ginger lemonade. It was medicinal.

As we left, I got to hold Wonder Woman’s detached head. And her phone. That doesn’t happen every night, so it was special. She was Lego Wonder Woman, which made it even more special. We saw Lego Waldo, too.

Then we walked over to the Moda Center to watch the Black Keys. And it did not rain on us.

There was excellent people watching before the show. We saw several more Waldos. Bert and Ernie. The Travelocity gnome. Several sexy whatevers. A banana. Maleficent. A lot of kitties. The Blues Brothers. Clark Kent sat right in front of us.

The show was great. I didn’t realize I knew that many Black Keys tunes! Thanks to Tyler and Alex for getting the tickets and inviting me.

After the show, walked back to NW to the car and saw a lot more interesting people. The Cat in the Hat accompanied by Thing1 and Thing2, several brides, a lion, a cow with an astronaut. I was sad I hadn’t done a costume. I love dressing up. Next year…

I was thankful for such warm, relatively dry weather. It was perfect for walking. It’s such a nice walk over the river..and I couldn’t have asked for better company.

Saturday, we move the group to Eugene for Oregon vs Stanford. For more fun and hijinks.

Go Duckies!