Nothing. I’ve got nothing

Bad, bad headache yesterday. I went for a long walk hoping that getting out into the beautiful day would chase it. It didn’t. Came home and tried to think some relaxation into my head and neck. It got worse. It wasn’t a migraine,  so I didn’t have anything to really take.

Reading didn’t work for me very well, though I did read a little. Something outside of the usual for me, which I am liking quite a bit. I watched a movie.  (Side note: Tilda Swinton is so amazing) I tried music. Only hot water made it a little better, and there’s a limit to how much time a person can keep her head under water. Besides, it roars back worse when the hot water goes down the drain.

So I just sort of bumbled through it. Still have it. Going to work. Maybe some coffee will help.

No words today.

Here are a few pictures of the park. It really was a glorious day. I was grateful to be able to get out in it. Don’t you love it when the blue sky trees moss all play off of each other and turn everything into a miracle? No way for someone like me to do it justice….