I am pleased to inform you that my primary emergency eyeliner has been located

Additionally, I have been informed that I have a bad attitude when I am only slightly ill. (When I am really sick, I’m an angel)

I’m the one who told myself about it.

The forecast for the next 36 hours calls for whining and occasional emotional outbursts.

I’d tell myself to sack up, but I’m afraid of the reaction I might have.

It’s too hot to make tea, and I want some.

Arguing with inspirational quotes on Twitter


So let’s leave it alone ’cause we can’t see eye to eye
There ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy
There’s only you and me and we just disagree

–Dave Mason/We Just Disagree


There is an odd attraction to following the inspirational quotes feeds on Twitter, and it has turned into kind of an odd hobby for me. I enjoy disagreeing with them.

You’d think I’d find something more interesting to do. Or that I would stop reading them. I do actually understand that the inspirational quotes can’t read what I write. I know that arguing with them is pointless. I know that disagreeing doesn’t change what was said, but when I’m reading the inspirational quotes on my Twitter feed, I feel compelled to answer the tweets I don’t agree with.

Part of it is that I find many inspirational quotes irritating and fatuous rather than inspiring. Part of it is that I am argumentative by nature. Pleasantly so, but still.


I’ve disagreed with Nietzsche about what makes friends:

Niezsche is wrong
Niezsche is wrong


Ditto for Euripedes:

Euripedes is incorrect
Euripedes is incorrect


And yes, I even disagreedĀ  with Aristotle:

Aristotle too
Aristotle too


Some of you are probably thinking that I disagree with everyone.

You are wrong about that.



Wait, what?




Someone make me stop

I’m at the grocery store. I just about walked into the wall because I was Tweeting While Shopping. Now I’m Blogging While Shopping. That’s worse, isn’t it?

It’s not like I have anything particularly important to reveal.

I mean, I’m at the grocery store buying artichoke hearts and asparagus. This is not big news.

The Ducks touched down in Virginia. We all needed to know that, right?

Back to shopping.

Need panko bread crumbs.


I’m not kidding. Someone needs to come over here. I almost forgot to buy IPA.