A brief, unblog-like update

On Monday 6/4, I had my surgery. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy, for anyone in a Googling mood. Robot assisted. Five stab wounds to the abdomen. The surgeon removed about 85% of my stomach through the largest stab wound, which is turning a lovely shade of mustard yellow at this point. I’m feeling much better than I expected to so soon after surgery. The largest incision site is still a little sore, but other than that I’m doing great. Getting plenty of fluids and protein, and walking. That’s pretty much my entire assignment for the two weeks after surgery. Drink a lot of water and protein shakes, and go for short walks. Rest. Nothing too stressful.

I’m reading and watching old movies and cooking shows while I sip water. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be up to making some prints. Or maybe I’ll do a little knitting. I ran the Roomba today. Scrambled some eggs for 13 last night, but didn’t want to stand up long enough to cook bacon. This morning I tried to go for a walk in the park, but rain cut the walk off at 14 minutes. Tonight we may go out to watch part of the Timber’s game. Or not, if I am too tired.

It’s a little weird not having to cook for myself or do anything around the house.

That’s what’s up in my world right now.

Thanks to Ma and Larry for coming up and making sure I was OK, and thanks to 13 for continuing to take care of me.

Things are good, and I’m happy.

Last meals and new chances

With less than 24 hours to go before I hit the operating room, I have been doing a lot of thinking, planning and wondering. Even more than usual. This week has been full of firsts and lasts for me.

First holiday with the new guy. First time ice skating together. Yes, Tony skated circles around me. And he taught me to stop. And he didn’t let me fall down. We also had our first day off together. First trip to the coast together. Thanks for letting us bomb by your place and watch soccer, Ken and Nicole!

Friday was my last day of work for several weeks. I may come back to no job or a totally different one. That’s a strange feeling. My boss promises to text me with any important updates.

I had my last happy hour with my work buddies. Last lamb bowl with Paddy.  Last lunch at the Sportsman’s Pub. My last macaroni and cheese at the Fanno Creek Pub. It’s the last solid food I’ll have for several weeks, and I enjoyed every bite of it.

I also drank the  last booze I will drink for the foreseeable future. RPM at the Sportsman’s Pub in PC. Ninkasi at my baby brother’s house. A red ale in downtown Tigard with dinner, which I couldn’t even finish.

Most monumental of all? This morning I had my last cup of coffee until after surgery.  I am guessing that I may not be totally compliant with the recommendation to avoid caffeine for an extended period after surgery. I can be hydrated and caffeinated at the same time.

Nervousness hasn’t hit me yet. I feel like everything is organized. I just need to remember to give the cat extra food and water in the morning since no one will be at the house on Monday after I leave. I’ve got my stuff packed for the hospital, and just need to tidy up a little bit today while “enjoying” my first day with only liquids to eat. Just after typing that, I sliced my finger open while trying to put a knife away. Maybe I should skip the tidying up for now…

Other than that? Just get me to the hospital and let me get on with it. I feel like there are a lot of good things waiting for me and I want to start loving them. (Autocorrect really wants to use loving instead of living so I am leaving it in. Call it a Freudian autocorrect slip)

New boyfriend. New job. New stomach. Is that how it usually goes? Where the fuck did all of my stress go? Why am I not angsty? Who is this calm, happy person who is not worried about anything?

Was I replaced by a Pod Person? Should I actually be worrying a little more?

Do I seem like myself to you?

How ’bout if I confess that I woke up in the middle of the night convinced that 13 had gotten up and left without telling me? Yes,  he was right there in bed with me. All I needed to do was reach out.

Yeah, I’m definitely still me.

Vicious circles with happiness

In much the same way that badness engenders more badness, happiness creates more happiness.

…and sex creates more sex.

This is something I have been getting a lot of experience with lately.

Sex or happiness? Never mind that.

It’s like a vicious circle, only it isn’t vicious, it’s happy. Well, except the sex, which is only vicious if it is being done properly. Which it is. Of course. It’s also happy.

Does that make me viciously happy?

I don’t know. Vicious sex wasn’t really my point.


Anyway, I can’t breathe due to newly acquired seasonal allergies, so I may not be tracking very well at the moment. There could be an agenda here which I have forgotten. It wouldn’t even be the first time I forgot an agenda mid blog post.

Oh. My point? My point is that I am really happy right now. Work is still a cluster fuck. I’m having surgery in a few days which will alter my life permanently. My house needs to be cleaned. My car needs an oil change. I need to have bark dust put down in my yard. My cat needs to go to the vet. Life is messy and somewhat overwhelming. It doesn’t keep me from being happy.

Very happy.

I recognize that I have some challenges and keep smiling.

The happier I am, the happier I get. It’s a happy circle. Happiness circle. What would you call that? It should have a name.

If my theory about happy circles proves to be true, I may start shooting rainbows out of orifices any minute now. If that happens, I hope someone gets a photo for me.