Mariachis don’t dance

What makes me laugh?


Penis jokes?
For sure. 

Berkeley Breathed penis jokes?

Help, help. I have fallen off of my chair laughing…

Bloom County, I missed you.
So much. 


Metal smithing, the ring

In metal smithing class, I am working on a ring as my main project. We had to do a pierced design, both to practice drilling/sawing metal and a couple of different types of soldering. 

I’ve finished the design, cut it out and soldered it onto my solid silver. In the next few weeks I will cut it to size, form it into a circle, solder the band and then do a LOT of polishing. 

Because I am new to sawing, my control is poor. As a result, I chose a very forgiving design that is meant to look a bit primitive.  

No, really. 
It’s supposed to look like this. 

Recreation in progress..shhhhh

Don’t disturb me– I’m recreating.

That is different from procreating, you know..

Yes, and thank you for clarifying that.

I’m starting to like this island.

I’m glad you like it.

Do you think we could have it towed South so it’s closer to Portland???

They’d have to pull it North to get it into the ocean.

Oh. Well. If that’s the only impediment, by all means proceed!

Who could possibly object?

Everyone likes islands…