Friend talk

It is not one of the secrets of the universe that I am wildly blessed in the friend department. Friends, you know who you are. This post is particularly dedicated to my core friend group. The ones in the group text chat. My friend brothers and sister. The ones I say good morning to in the morning, and whine to when work is a pain.

The group text has a bad reputation, but most people don’t have a group text chat with *my* friends. The ones who are the best people in the whole entire universe.

Typically it starts before I even wake up with a gif from everyone’s favorite recycling raccoon. Then I have coffee in bed and we chat for a few minutes before the rest of us go to work. If anyone is off work, they gloat a little. Sometimes we hate on the retired guy. A little. Envy isn’t pretty.

We do what friends do. Cheer each other up. Talk smack about bad exes. Say cheers when we’re having a cocktail. Tell each other not to be dumbasses when one of us needs to hear it.

These people not only get me through every single work day, but they get me through pandemics, heartbreak, hangovers, bad attitudes and are one of the main reasons for all of the really fun times. They send pictures of grandkids, golfing, alley art and cocktail glasses. They are smart and funny. Incomparably good looking and wise. They make my life better every day by just being part of it.

Am I grateful to know them? Oh, yeah.

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