Dreaming about Freudian slips

Eve had to ask, Eve had to ask
What is wrong with this?
Here is the place, now is the time
Let’s invent the kiss
–Joan Osborne/Lumina

In the dream, I was at Rick and Chelle’s. Everyone I knew was there. That is how I know it was really a dream–there were people there who would never be there in real life. People who don’t know Rick and Chelle. People I haven’t seen in a long time. People I wish I could see but can’t. Everyone I love.

There was a party going on, and we were all in the basement. That is also something that doesn’t happen very often in real life. The party is always upstairs.

It was New Years Eve. Everyone was drinking champagne. Paddy was playing his ukulele on the back deck, and I was singing along and taking puffs of his cigarette as he played a song by the Cure.

We kept singing and playing as we walked back inside. As I walked and sang, I started kissing everyone. Some people got hugs. Some people got more than one kiss. Some of them seemed a little surprised to be getting kissed. Most of them got kissed on the cheek. A few got kissed on the lips. Some of the perfectly scruffy ones even got a bit nuzzled around the neck area.

Paddy followed me around the room, strumming, while I sang
“show me how you do that trick….”
“the one that makes me scream, she said…”
“the one that makes me laugh, she said…”
“and threw her arms around my neck…”
“show me how you do it…”
slightly more lingering kiss..
“I promise you, I promise that I’ll run away with you…”
“I’ll run away with you..”

And I sang and kissed my way around the room until my glass was empty and I’d kissed all of the people I love. In the end, I was crying happy tears and the clock ticked down to midnight just as I sang
Just like Heaven.”

Usually I don’t feel a need to analyze my dreams, particularly if they are enjoyable. I like singing. I love kissing. I’ve missed both. I’ve been doing a lot of singing lately, but there has been no kissing in far too long.

Apparently I miss kissing enough that it’s invading my dreams.

It’s better than no kissing at all.

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