Was it too much to ask?

Just one batch of ground beans so I could make a pot of coffee. My fatal error? Thinking that I could grind the beans before actually having had a cup of coffee first. 

A few months ago, I dropped the glass carafe to my coffee grinder. After searching for another one, but not finding one, I complained to Rocky the Roaster about it. 

“Jolin,” he said, “you are going to have to just buy a new grinder.”

But the old grinder worked! Really well! And I had the settings that gave me perfect coffee! And it was stupid to spend all that money to replace a working grinder when the only thing it needed was a five dollar piece of glass. 

I used a plastic container, but none of them fit perfectly. Coffee chaff flew all over the kitchen. Ground coffee fell all over the counter. 

Today I tried to make a simple adjustment and the top of the grinder fell off, taking the grinding assembly with it. Since it was in the midst of grinding beans, there was a pretty epic mess. 

So I did the rational thing. 
I went and got my phone to take a picture of the mess. 

Then I tossed it all into the trash and sat down to post about it so everyone would know this:

I should have listened to Rocky. 
After I have some coffee, I will order a new grinder. 




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