My feet hurt, but the Ducks won the decade so it’s OK


We are the Ducks from Oregon
We’ll fight to the end
And we’re here to play and we’re playing to win

–Sebastian Bach/We Are The Ducks


Footballing is hard work. Or, if you insist on accuracy: watching other people playing football is hard work.

I am tired and happy. We  watched the Ducks discipline the Dawgs and the hardy few stayed up to watch the Cougs and Beavs.

Family and friends came from Portland, Corvallis and Springfield.

We had a lot of food and drink to consume, and did an impressive job as usual. There were boozes and birthday pie.

It looks like a hurricane passed through the house.


It was a good day.


Happy birthday, husband!



Did I really just quote Sebastian Bach? Wow.

I must be tired.