An imaginary conversation about acupuncture

Earlier today I was having a conversation with you in my head.

About what?


I thought you didn’t believe in acupuncture.

I don’t.

Well, we’ve already had this conversation, haven’t we?

I know! That’s why I wasn’t sure why I had to have it in my head. It already happened in real life.

What made you think about acupuncture in the first place?

Having all those needles in my legs.

You’re having acupuncture? Which you don’t believe in?

Well, nothing else is working.

What are you having it for?

Oh, it doesn’t matter. This conversation is a lot like the one I imagined.

Is that a good thing?

I guess so. It’s a conversation.

So, in order to have a conversation with me first you have to imagine one? Is that usual?

We don’t have many conversations. Maybe I just needed to practice. Actually it was very good practice for mindfulness. I kept having to tell myself to stop and be present.

That must have sucked.

You know how conflicted I am about mindfulness. And being present.

Aren’t you conflicted about pretty much everything?

Maybe next time we should try having a fresh conversation. Consider possible topics and let me know.

But then what will you not think about while being mindful during acupuncture?

Politics or something. It’s actually very relaxing.


No. Acupuncture. Or really the part where I sit in a recliner doing nothing and practice not thinking. If I had a recliner I could do that at home for free.

Let me know how that works for you.

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