Recreation in progress..shhhhh

Don’t disturb me– I’m recreating.

That is different from procreating, you know..

Yes, and thank you for clarifying that.

I’m starting to like this island.

I’m glad you like it.

Do you think we could have it towed South so it’s closer to Portland???

They’d have to pull it North to get it into the ocean.

Oh. Well. If that’s the only impediment, by all means proceed!

Who could possibly object?

Everyone likes islands…


How to make a silver ring with a pierced design

Two words: drawing and tracing.

Then a couple more: drilling and sawing.  The holes you see in the picture are how you thread the saw blade through.

Two more words: filing and sanding.

Two more: bending and soldering.

Then, yes. Sanding and polishing.  A lot of sanding. A lot of polishing.


I’m covered with silver dust, which is less glamorous than you might think.


Hopefully in a few weeks there will be fitting and wearing.


How to make a ring
How to make a ring

A tradition of gratitude

One of the things I have been working at in the last few years is cultivating a attitude of appreciation. 

Part of that has been making lists. Thinking about things that make me happy. Things that are beautiful. Things that bring me peace.  Sometimes I write them in the form of a blog. This morning, after watching two people I love get married, as I sit in bed drinking coffee, feeling thankful for a warm bed, AC and coffee in bed, I wondered how many times I’d written about thankfulness. It turns out that I’ve written 21 posts containing the word thankful, 30 containing the word grateful, 17 containing silver linings. A lot of gratitude. Enough? I don’t know if you can ever be grateful enough. 

Some of them….

Did I notice any trends?

A few. 

I love and am grateful for my friends and family. I seem to look really hard for silver linings when I am sick or in a bad emotional space. I am really thankful for small things and laughter. 

The word lucky appears in over 50 posts. I think of myself as a fortunate person, and it shows. Maybe it should show even more!
Congratulations to Shayla and Nok on their wedding yesterday and for the upcoming birth of their first son. You two are surrounded by love and laughter. You will do well!