What I did last night

Back at the metalwork. 

Just so we are all clear, metalsmithing is even worse for people with carpal tunnel and tennis elbow than writing and knitting. I’m sure to love it. 

Day 1…sawing through metal in all sorts of shapes. 

I made this:

Now I am going to take an Imperial Shit Ton of Ibuprofen. That’s more than a Metric Shit Ton, right?




Balance, schmalance

If you feel a waft of gratitude, that’s me.

As I messaged someone to let him know that all was right with my world, it occurred to me that it really is. 

Are there things that aren’t perfect? Sure. Nothing is. 

Are there very many bad things about my life? No. 
If you put the good and bad in my life on a scale, it would tip right over to the good side and probably fall off the table and break. Usually I try for balance, but good vs bad? Keep it as it is! 
Some things don’t need to be in balance.


My wrists and elbows say that I have to take some time off from writing.  Dumbasses. 

A relaxed day, a bit by force, with a migraine and generalized aches, Still recovering from the tumble from my bike? I don’t know. 

I wandered aimlessly around the house, too sore to sit around and too headachy to go out. I did a little smutty reading. Tried to clean up a bit. Mostly got nothing much done. 

Paddy did come over and make dinner and sing with me. That is always good. 
And that is all I can write. 

Thanks for cooking, singing with me  and listening to me talk endlessly about Vashon, Paddy…