Weekend wrap up

There is really a lot more to the story than this, but the blogging was preempted at the end. 

This weekend, I drive up to Vashon Island to meet someone. It could really not have been better. Saying how and why it was so great is beyond the scope of my writing ability at almost 01:00 when i have to be up at 05:25. I will just say that the weather and the company were both excellent. 

I came  home tired and very happy, and have a lot of good things to think about. 

When I got home, Paddy messaged and asked if I was hungry. I was, and I was NOT getting in a car again, so he came over and cooked for me. 

Like it does when Paddy is here, it got late. I tried to make him leave and he played the ‘we haven’t sung yet’ card. 

So we sang. 

Then it was very late. 

It will be very early when my alarm wakes me up. 

Did I mention that I had a wonderful weekend and know all the best people?

I did and I do.