Home again, home again jiggety jog

One of the things that is hard about doing anything in a group is that you are trying to do shit in a group. People, you might find, do not agree on…most things.

Where to have coffee.
What do do after breakfast.
If you should go to church.
If universal healthcare is a right or a waste of money.
If this lipstick is too bright.

If you are with nothing but reasonable human beings who communicate effectively, it can all be navigated.

If you are with even one person who is unwilling to compromise…it gets tricky.

If you are with a bunch of really nice people who aren’t willing to say what they think. Tricky.

If you are with a group who doesn’t think the group should ever be divided. Tricky.

Double tricky for intoxication, marital strife or in-laws.

Bonus points if any of the people are fundamentally solitary while some others are fundamentally pack creatures. Especially if the pack creatures do not want the solitary ones to ever wander off alone. The amount of time before the solitary ones crack will vary, but they will definitely crack if not left alone.

In Cabo, we had a mix of people who got along great and were very tolerant if people wanted to wander off on their own.

Who, me?
Four days before I crack, max.
Two days if the company is not that congenial in other ways.
Raises hand to confess she does not always play well with others.

How’d I do in Cabo?
Mostly Ok, I think.

You should ask the people I was with.
I don’t know.
I’m not a good judge of my own behavior. I think I’m weird.