NSFW: Mara and Cara Bare Their Souls

Super, super NSFW. Seriously. Flee now if you are at work.

If you are not at work, and are offended by sexual content, go away now.


If you are still here, it means you are not at work and are not afraid to read something of a sexual nature.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Every few weeks, Mara and Cara go out after work and drink tequila greyhounds. A few too many tequila greyhounds. Nothing brings out secrets like tequila. So they drink their tequila, and tell each other stories. The stories they’d never tell anyone else. You never know what you might hear when Mara and Cara are riding the tequila train. Sometimes it’s just work stuff or boyfriend stuff. Sometimes it’s embarrassing stuff. Sometimes there are tears. There is always a lot of laughing.

At the end of this night, finishing their last drinks, Mara looks at Cara and blushes. Cara asks what the blush is about. Mara tells her it’s because of a secret. At first, Mara doesn’t want to say. It’s too silly. It’s nothing important. Cara knows how rare it is for Mara to blush, which makes her very curious. Finally Mara agrees to tell her, but makes her promise not to get mad. Cara promises. Then she makes her promise not to think she’s a pervert. Cara tells her that she can’t promise that because they both know that Mara is definitely a pervert. She is currently involved in a very kinky relationship with an angel, which must mean she’s a pervert. Can an angel be a pervert? Cara starts doing a Google search on her phone.

For a second, Mara is relieved that Cara has been distracted, but after a Cara takes the last sip of her drink, she nudges Mara and says “so? What’s the secret, pervert?” and Mara blushes again and orders them both a shot of tequila.

She takes a deep breath in. Then out. She tosses back the tequila.

Mara tells Cara that the secret is she would love to get in the back seat of a car with her. Somewhere that’s private, but not absolutely guaranteed to stay that way. She wants Cara to straddle her, and and then she wants to pull her close and kiss her. She wants their teeth to bump together just slightly as her tongue tastes Cara’s for the first time. She wants to pull Cara’s head back by the hair, and nuzzle her neck so she can smell her. Then she wants to pull up Cara’s blouse, and pop her tits out of her bra. She wants to rub her thumb over Cara’s nipples and watch them get hard, and then squeeze them just hard enough to make Cara squeal. Then she wants to suck them hard, almost too hard, until Cara moans. She wants to slip her hand down the front of Cara’s jeans and suck on Cara’s tongue while she gets wetter and wetter in her hand. She wants to find out what Cara sounds like as she gets more and more aroused. Will she moan or sigh? Will she be aggressive or passive? Will she just let Mara finger fuck her until she’s moaning into her mouth and neck, or will she have her hands up Mara’s skirt to find out that she is just as wet as Cara? Will she suck her fingers to taste Mara or put them in Mara’s mouth?

She wants to pull Cara’s jeans all the way off while she kneels in front of her on the floor of the back seat. She wants Cara to be embarrassed that someone might see them, but for her to want Mara’s mouth on her cunt so much that she doesn’t stop Mara from taking off her jeans and spreading her legs. She wants to push aside Cara’s panties, and fuck her with her whole hand while she runs her tongue up the wet folds of her labia to her clit. She wants to hear Cara asking her not to stop, she wants to hear her ask Mara to kiss her so she can taste herself on Mara’s mouth and face. She wants to suck on Cara’s tongue as she comes in her wet, sticky hands, and then suck on her clit like a tiny cock until she comes again. She wants to see the expression on Cara’s beautiful face as she opens her eyes to see Mara loving everything about her.

On the bar stool, Cara is the one blushing now. She’s leaning toward Mara, almost kissing her. Their knees are touching. The bartender looks suspiciously like he is only pretending not to have heard anything. They pay the tab, and Cara takes Mara by the hand as they walk out to Cara’s car…”the parking lot has a lot of very dark corners in the back, and I have a few secrets to tell you, too ” she whispers, “and If Samael doesn’t like to share, he won’t like them one bit. Pervert.”

Mara doesn’t mention it to Cara, but given how utterly invisible Samael can be when he chooses, she would not be very surprised if he already knew.

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