An actual conversation at work

A couple of my coworkers were having a playful argument about the Ducks and Beavers after a recent OSU loss. He is a Beaver fan, she is a Duck fan who doesn’t hate the Beavers.

He says: you can’t like both teams. You’re an Oregonian. You have to pick.

She says:.something about preferring the Ducks, but being happy when the Beavers win.

He says: No, you have to pick. Who would you root for in the Civil War?

She waves her Duck hat.

He says: I don’t like you any more. I can’t be friends with a Duck fan.

She says: that’s not fair. You like Michelle and she’s even more of a Duck fan than I am.

He says: that’s different. I love Michelle. We have worked together a long time.

I say, dramatically: why can’t we all just get along? I really need the people around me at work to at least pretend to like each other.

Coworker 3, who is just walking past my cubicle, looks over at me, a completely horrified look on his face, and says:
You of all people are not going all Kumbaya on us, are you?

And I start to laugh. At an impressive volume for 0800. People prairie dog around us. I keep laughing. I’m pretty sure I could be fired for laughing like that. The look on that guys face. Snort. You should have seen it.

It would probably be the first time anyone here has been fired for excessive mirth.