Another time where I am going to say that I know all the best people

I am going to make this short: Jan, Jane, Kathleen, Kate–you all rock the planet, and I love you.

Huh. I just noticed how nicely their names pair up.

We had another great weekend together. A little beach time. A little food and drink. A lot of music. A lot of long talks. These are women who anyone would be lucky to know. Smart. Funny. Beautiful. Kind. Good cooks. Empathetic. Compassionate. Practical. People who know the value of laughter, but aren’t afraid to be serious. People who know how to have a wonderful time doing nothing at all. People who know that when you are at the beach, the only rule is to do whatever the fuck you want. People who don’t give you a hard time about leaving the group if you tell them you are going to walk back to the cabin alone. People who don’t give you a hard time if you stop talking for a while. People who aren’t afraid to stay in their pajamas all fucking day.

I mentioned that I love them, right?

Thanks for being part of my family of friends….

PS Gooooooooooooo Duckies!!!!!