It doesn’t get much Wild Westier than this.

The road between Joseph and Imnaha. One of the many places the Nez Pierce got chased out of.

The other night at the store, the clerk was awfully glad she lives in Imnaha so she doesn’t have to deal with all the traffic and crowds in town. Crowding is relative when you’re in a place this remote.







Sometimes you dream…

And sometimes it seems you are right in the middle of a Wild West oil painting.

Watching shadows of clouds as they flow by on the moraine on the opposite side of the lake.

Only dreamier.

Until the thunder and lightning start.

8 years ago today, I married
this adorable gap-toothed guy with Elvis glasses and bleach blond
hair. I seem to have kept him. It was a smart decision.

Exciting events of the day include a minor dog fight and an osprey sighting.

I am starting my..4th?…book of the trip. It’s about infectious
diseases and crazy scientists who experiment on themselves.
Non-fiction. How unlike me!

I just hit a yellow jacket 8 times with
a fly swatter and it didn’t die. Do I need to get a swatter
specific to yellow jackets? Or do you think it was some sort of
zom-Bee that will now return to kill me in my sleep?

Having a good
time, wish you were here, etc.

Sooooo…when you see the lightning
strike and don’t even have time to count to two before the thunder
bolt comes…that’s close, yeah?

Boom, baby. Boom.

Holy fuck. That
is some serious thunder. Like the gods are bowling with huge
granite boulders on a hot tin roof over the lake. And Mark is down
on the dock fishing.

Go, Mark!


Native fauna

So, I really need to know what sports cattle are. We passed a ranch on the way here: Corriere Ranch Sports Cattle and I don’t have Google. Why does my life have to be so hard?!?

In other important news, I am currently drinking a beer that is not an IPA.

If you are reading this at 0600, I am probably not drinking a beer in real time. There is currently some Internet delay.

I’ve got to get back to watching the sailboat go by..being on vacation does have responsibilities.