Dreaming is free

An’ then, an’ then I hit him in the eye
An’ I told him I wasn’t gonna be dead no more ’cause I din’t wanna be.
–Teeter totter dream kid/Trouthaven

There are a couple of boys on the teeter totter across from the cabin, maybe 5 and 7 years old. The younger one, who sounds a lot like a miniature Barry Kripke (Bawwy Kwipke), has been trying to get the older kid to listen to him tell about the dream he had last night. It’s been going on for nearly an hour. I have no idea what it was about, because I can only hear him when the wind blows this way and he’s at the top of the teeter totter.

During a lull in the dream story, he also discovered the properties of the fulcrum:

Hey! When I sit faw away fwom the handle I am heaview than you aw. An’ when I sit close to it you weigh mow.

I am drinking coffee and have started my nth novel of the trip. Bag of Bones. It isn’t scary yet.

Mostly I’m watching the ripples on the lake and smiling at the bits of dream talk from the teeter totter.

Now and then I have another sip of coffee while Mark does whatever it is you do to a fishing pole if you’re going to fish from a boat instead of from the dock.

My coffee has long since gone cold.

I don’t mind.

Oh! Apparently I’m going fishing too.

Gotta go.





I’m a dumbass, but easily entertained

We drove to Indian Crossing this morning for a short hike,
picnic and fishing. Some dumbass left her shoes at the cabin. Oops.
Change in plans: stop at the Hell’s Canyon overlook and a drive.
I’m not so much of a dumbass that we attempted the hike with me in
flip flops.

On the way there, we saw wildlife in the form of
cattle. Cattle in the middle of the road. Gotta love open range
land. They must be some sort of climbing breed–there was steep
rock going any way they would have come from.

Evolutionary note:
yellow jackets at the Hell’s Canyon overlook swarm around incoming
vehicles that park there to check for squashed bugs they can eat.

We’ll have our picnic for dinner instead.

20130815-115450.jpg 20130815-115201.jpg 20130816-161137.jpg 20130815-115213.jpg


Another day, thanks

The world was moving She was right there
with it And she was. –And She Was/Talking Heads

8:15 and all is well. An eagle just snagged a fish out of the lake
with a big splash. That may be the most drama we’ll have today.




I had a PBJ, potato chips, beer and a pepperoni
stick for dinner last night.

I’m not sure what day it even is.

all good.