Where the magic happens

While we were at the beach cabin, Rocky slept in his tent on the deck. Yes, he was staying at a beach cabin. Where there were plenty of beds. Yes, he still pitched a tent. It’s Rocky, what are you going to do but let him sleep where he wants to sleep?

The only rule at the beach cabin is to do whatever you want to do.

Somehow, the group determined that the fly of his tent needed to say “This is where the magic happens.” It was all very hypothetical until someone found a drawer with Sharpie markers in it and told the boys. That might have been me. Diane would have had more common sense than that.

Coincidentally, I am sure it is just a coincidence, Diane drinks a lot less than any of the rest of us and has a lot of common sense. I doubt it has a thing to do with any of our behavior. Kyle probably tells Kelly and Rocky that they are the handsomest men he’s ever seen all the time. And asks them to dance.

But I digress.

So the words got written on the tent fly. I helped with spelling and completeness of the words.

Then, later in the day, we were lounging around the back deck with adult beverages–the way you do–and someone thought that there should also be an illustration. So a top hat with a penis sticking out of it was drawn. It was originally supposed to be a rabbit. Apparently magic happened, and it turned into a penis.

That is either a really tiny palm tree or a really huge penis.

It’s not a palm tree, it’s a magic wand.

Oh. Of course it is. What are those prickly things on the top?

That is the magic coming out of the top of the wand.

I’m glad it’s not coming out of a penis then.

I dunno. I like it when there’s magic coming out of my penis…
–Everyone at the cabin

There was a lot of magic this weekend. The kind that doesn’t come out of a penis. Maybe we’ll have some of that on the next trip. A girl can always hope.

There were a lot of stories involving youthful shenanigans from the boys that were full of “you know..the way you do” followed by some near disaster. Like trying to throw Kyle off a balcony, or almost shooting your cousin in the face (you know, like you do…) It is really kind of a miracle (ha! more magic!) that my boys managed to mostly avoid the law.

There was a lot of ” you guys are soooo fucked up” from Kyle. Even when we were sober. Apparently, we are a group that is just a little skewed. Maybe more so when we are permitted to be in a group.

Other magic: the weather. Glorious. It could not have been more beautiful. Every minute. We spent Sunday on the beach. All day. It wasn’t windy. We all got a little sunburnt. On the Oregon Coast. When does that ever happen? Magic, I tell you.

Yet another sign of magic: I did not read one word. Didn’t even open a book. 4 days at the beach without reading? 4 days anywhere without reading??
I doubt very much that it has happened since I first learned to read. Magic, I say. Until just now, I didn’t even think about it.

Side note: I was thumbing through the guest book as I sat down to write in it, and looked at a lot of entries from past trips. Two things are always mentioned: apparently I never talk, and everyone loves it there. Am I really so utterly silent as that? It feels like I am always talking too much.

Everyone this weekend left wanting to come back again soon . Part of it is the place. There is something magical on Eloise street in Tierra del Mar. No phones. No wifi. You always come with people you love. There is nothing really to do there. You have to come with people who make fun out of nothing. Or read a lot. Both really excellent in their own way. The place just helps. It’s cozy and just made for piling on a couch together.

When there are things that I love, I want to share them with the people, but I am always a little apprehensive about it. Maybe they won’t love it as much as I do. And is that like them not loving me? Of course it isn’t, but I always hope people will understand and love the same things I do.

So far, no one here shares my love of French and Italian rock music. Someday I will find him. Or maybe he will be Italian. Digressing again….

This place isn’t fancy. It’s not a town with a lot of galleries, shopping and bars and restaurants. It’s not for everyone. A lot of people get bored here. Part of the magic is definitely having a house full of people who I love who all loved it here, too.

The boys all have the gift of laughter and fun. They all have the gift of making doing nothing into something special. They all make me happy.

Thank you to Jan and Jeff for buying a place I love to come to be happy and letting me stay there. You could say that Breeze and Sandtime are just cabins, but there is definitely something special at work there. At least part of that is because of you.

Thank you to Diane for being so astoundingly patient with us all. You are a red-headed goddess. You aren’t as flamboyant as your husband, but you are a whole lot of fun in your own right. And you kept all of us out of jail!

Thank you to Kelly and Rocky for always being among the few people who have always loved me no matter how weird and quiet I am. Thank you for thinking I was fun and pretty even when no one else did, back when I was just a smart girl who felt unpopular and ugly. You two will always be in my heart. You are my soul brothers.

Thank you to Kyle for having one of the world’s best laughs, and such a generous spirit. You’re newer to my soul family, but still. The three of you are my three brothers from Ruined Mothers, and it makes me happy to know that you all have my back.

As I write this, I am the only one left at the cabin. I stayed behind to wait on one last load of laundry. I did a little writing, went and said goodbye to the beach and now I am getting a little teary, the way you do, missing Diane and the boys already. Missing people who weren’t able to come down. Missing some who wouldn’t have chosen to come down even if they could.

Missing Chelle in particular, because if she was here she’d be sitting right next to me handing me a tissue and trying not to cry herself.

Missing the magic.

The people are definitely the magic.

Thanks for making the magic happen for me this weekend, my friends.

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