Being realistic is not a sin


I could look at the sunlight
And I feel no fear.
With a mountain of maybes
And some Icarus wings,

–Danny Elfman/The Little Things


The term realist is sometimes flung around like it’s an epithet.

I beg  to differ. Pragmatism is a good thing.

There is a place for dreaming, but there is also a place for practicality.  For the commonsensical.

One dictionary defines it like this:


dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations

What is wrong with that? I like things that are sensible. You can be sensible and whimsical at the same time, you know.  Dream big, but you’ve got to realize that unless you take some practical and concrete steps and consider the consequences of them, those dreams won’t go anywhere outside your own head or may have unfortunate results.

Where’s the difference? Like pretty much everything, it’s often in balance.

Icarus and the Wright brothers shared the same dream of flight. It killed Icarus, but not Wilbur and Orville.

Sadly, Icarus forgot to be pragmatic and think about what he made his wings of, and where he flew with them once he took to the air. He was so caught up in the excitement of flying that he melted his pretty new wings right off and plummeted to his death.

Wright brothers. Same dream. They took it slower and lower, but still flew. Wilbur did die young, but of typhus. Orville died of a heart attack in his mid 70’s. They were more pragmatic than Icarus.


Probably because Icarus is a  myth and the Wright brothers were real.




Yeah. It’s true.

The Wright brothers were real.





Hah! I was right–there IS something wrong with people who don’t like beer!

Time magazine says so!  (I’m paraphrasing heavily. Read closely)

The article talks  about differences in the way people see, taste and smell things. Wasn’t I just wondering about that the other day???

Turns out I was…see?

My mental finger is on the pulse of the nation.


Yeah. Ew.

Ixnay on the ingerfay.




Sad songs say so much


I’m causing a mild sensation
With this new occupation
I’m permanently glued
To this extraordinary mood so now move over
Let me take over
With my melancholy blues
–Queen/Melancholy Blues


I was singing along with the iPod on my way home from work (as usual) and decided something: I really like singing along to sad songs. I really like sad songs in general. When I’m happy, they make me even happier. Being happier is always gooder, right? When I’m sad they make me sadder. Nothing cheers me up like a good sing-a-long mope during my commute home from work. It’s very cathartic. Yes, people do look at me funny. No, I don’t give a shit.

On the commute to work, I also sing  but I tend to focus on the more upbeat tunes. No one wants to mope at work. That is clearly untrue–let’s just say that I don’t want to mope at work. I prefer veiled hostility to moping.

A really clever girl would put a list of people here and let you all  play pin the sad song to the person. A really mean clever girl. I prefer to be more passive-aggressively mean, but by all means do feel free to out yourself as the reason I love any particular song in the comments.


Everybody Hurts — sad REM. Obviously, I sing this one on my commute home when I am stuck in traffic. So hold on. Also a great video.

Almost Bluesad Elvis. Being sad in love is the saddest sort of sad. Elvis is the master of the super-literate sad song. Also the creepy sad song. Just listen to  I Want You for some proof.

No Birds Todaysad Cowboy Junkies. Desolation and isolation are a great musical combination.

Am I Bluesad Bette. Old school melancholy.

Melancholy Blues and Love Of My Life–sad Queen. No one does sad like Freddie. I miss him.

Atlantic Citysad Bruce sings about sad America and the losers therein. Everything dies, babe, and that’s a fact.

Ne Me Quitte Pas sad,  pitiful, forlorn Jacques Brel. This would probably win the contest for Saddest Lyric Ever. At one point he offers to be the shadow of her shadow, the shadow of her hand, the shadow of her dog if she will just not leave him. If you’ve ever had someone not love you back, this is your song. The linked video has a handy translation for the non-francophones.

Creepsad Radiohead. I was far too old to be a Loser Teen when this came out, but if I had been this would totally have been my anthem. I have been known to play this several times in a row. Huh. Maybe I am a loser teen…

Too Drunk To FuckOK. This isn’t sad. It’s funny. Well, not if it happens to YOU. If it happens to you, it’s sad. I could out some guys here, but I won’t.

The Crane Wife 1, 2 and 3 –sad Decemberists. This grouping of songs is one of my favorite sad song cycles of the last 10 years. It’s about 15 minutes of music based on a Japanese folk tale, and it’s about the sadness of loving someone to death because you don’t understand them.

Boys of Summer –sad Don Henley singing “I see you walking real slow and smiling at everyone” Kills me. KILLS me. And I don’t even like Don Henley. Definitely reminds me of someone in particular.

Breakevensad the Script. They’re right–when a heart breaks, it doesn’t break even at all.

Stubborn Lovesad Lumineers. The sadness of being in love with someone who is just going to hurt you, lie to you, and probably ruin your life. And you love them anyway.


OK–pick a song and tell us all why you are the reason it makes me sad!!!

I’m not going to get any takers on that, am I?

It doesn’t have to be true, you know.

Just make some shit up. That’s what I do.