Shhhh, We’re recreating

che i sogni siano sintomi che i sogni siano segni
sanno i sogni sanno i sogni sanno i sogni che…
–CSI/Sogni e Sintomi

Jane, you’re an atheist. You have to believe in something.

I hate it when my mind and body don’t match.

There was Indian Leg Wrestling. Things may have gotten out of control at some point.

There has been rather a lot of laughing occurring.

What a great day.










If you want it, here it is, come and get it


The moth don’t care if the flame is real

cuz flame and moth got a sweetheart deal.
–Aimee Mann/the Moth


There is a lot of talk in  the inspirational quotes racket about getting what you want, knowing what you want, wanting what you get.



How do all these people even know what they want in the first place??

The moth knows. The moth wants that flame. He doesn’t care if it’s a light bulb, a lighter or a blazing fire. He doesn’t care if it kills him, but he knows he wants it.  Some sort of biological imperative. Navigation. Reproduction. No one is sure.


I think I was born without that gene.

The gene for knowing what I want, not the gene for flying into a flame.


Although obviously there was that ONE time….

I didn’t like it.

Flying into a flame that is.

Well, I didn’t really fly into it. It flew into me.  I don’t recommend being on fire in any way but metaphorically.


On the other hand, I’ve never been good at knowing what I do want,  so I’ll have to let you know about that once I’ve experienced it.


I expect that it will involve books, music, and people I love…beyond that, I haven’t a clue.


Those are all pretty great things on their own though.

I’m not worried.